Ariège: The Pyrenees with Large A

Located in the middle of the Pyrenees, the department of Ariège knew to preserve its traditions in a wild but accessible nature. Thanks to a varied relief, the flora and fauna are very diversified and fill with wonder the hiker.

The slogan of Ariège was “the Earth courage" during a long time. Courage, it was necessary some for the peasant to cultivate his small plot so much the relief is hilly there, but none of them could leave those splendids landscapes so much nature is still virgin and wild there.

Ground of refuge, its caves sheltered prehistory. Today, Ariège benefits from the economic expansion of the area Midi-Pyrenees and the tourist passion which it causes.

Moulères: Nature with a Great M

photosLocated in Low Ariège, to 400m of altitude in Pyrenean Plantaurel, on the commune of Sabarat to the locality “Mouleres”, our lodging offers an exceptional panorama on the valley.

Lovers of “Natural Lady”, you will undoubtedly be charmed by this haven of peace where you will be able to observe, at certain periods, stags, roe-deers, wild boars,… while contemplating the sun to lie down behind our beautiful hills.

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